Let go. Be in the zone. Breathe. Feel.

This can be different for every person. My kinda meditation is listening to music and even making my own music on my beautiful computer. Now this sounds a little nerdy, but you know, some people might enjoy going fishing or cooking or playing videogames, and especially right now I believe we should really go with the flow and do whatever makes us happy as long as we don’t harm any other persons. That being said I’m done swiping haha – check out my fav playlist here, and I’m meditating as always @shediditonhercomputer

Music is my first love.

Our bond is going on longer than since I came to life in this body, so it’s probably the most natural thing for us to get involved. We had a playful relationship over the largest part of my childhood. In my early adult lifetime, I became more interested and developed a more eclectic taste. 

But it started to become more serious a few years ago when Matze and I started the podcast. Matze didn’t own a laptop and since I was the techier person anyway I became the producer, and learned the basic techniques for podcast production on Garageband. It was a lot of trial and error, learning by doing and just seeing what works and what doesn’t. I had brought Logic Pro X beforehand (shortly after the diagnosis tbp) because I always thought that because I love music so much it’d be super easy to make great songs myself. Turns out I was wrong. And after watching a few tutorials I quietly gave up somewhat frustrated. 

On the podcast, we played our favorite songs related to a certain motto we’d chose at the end of the previous episode. Matze as a long-time DJ was so knowledgeable and our discussions on music as listeners and DJs taught me a lot about music in general.

When Matze picked the motto “legendary producers” I remembered my first production attempts Logic. And they weren’t very good, so these producers could do something really well that I couldn’t but really really wanted to do well too. Through our sessions I become kinda obsessed with learning who’d actually help make the song that I loved. In most hip hop tracks the producers bring in their tags, so I’d learn to differentiate the tags and started following the producers on Instagram.

Still I didn’t go back to Logic until I met Ömer who used to be a rapper. We talked about beat making and got all excited then sat behind my DAW and my MIDI keyboard without knowing what to do next. I promised to make a beat for him, once I figure out how to use Logic. And what can I say? Sh*t is complex and I’m doing my best at leaning how to produce cool things every day. Let’s see where it goes. 

So here’s where I’m currently at.