Welcome to Marsha’s Mixtape

Hey there,


my name is Marsha and I’m a producer and songwriter from Cologne Germany. I started to produce music in January 2020, mainly because I wanted to learn something new while I was on sick leave recovering from a MS flare. I’m not quite back to my old physical abilities yet, and I’m not sure if I ever will be, but I’ve never been happier than at this point in my life. Making music on my computer is literally a dream come true for me. Thank you for being part of my journey!

Kenny Beats Beat Battle

This may seem like a sweet little goal to achieve, but yeah, ever since I started becoming more serious about my producer ambitions I wanted to be in the top ten beats. I haven’t been successful yet, but I’ll be there every Monday until I get my gift and Kenny Beats knows my name. #Goals

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What’s your favorite time?

Maybe it’s 2 a.m. too ❤️

Sometimes I can’t believe that I can actually make music that sounds good to me on my computer. The next step is that one day other people might like what I make on my computer, too ❤️ So, if you have feedback or cool ideas, feel free to let me know on IG @shediditonhercomputer.



Rest in power my friend

You’ll be missed. Until we meet again, please take good care wherever you are right now 🕊

Hope you like the lo-fi beat I made for you. It’s always sad for the ones left behind to find the right words in such a situation, so I’m pretty happy to have found an outlet for my emotions through music, better said through frequencies I program in my DAW 👩🏾‍💻

Music is… life?!

Music is life. I have no idea who said it first, and it doesn’t really matter, because I’m pretty sure it’s the truth, but since I can’t speak for everyone, I’ll just have to leave it at that.

2020, this last year was a very challenging time for most of us.

But it’s 2021 you and I are here right now, aren’t we? I believe we have a reason to be grateful for that. Music helped me go through times I had never imagined, you know, like the times when I couldn’t walk without holding on to something because I had to retrain my sense of balance as well as how to control the movement in my legs. I’m still practicing how to walk short distances without walking aides, but sitting at my computer doing the thing I love and always wanted to do is just as powerful as a session of physiotherapy and everything’s getting better everyday – I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of this.

People always used to tell me that I should look for a career in the music industry and I always said something like, yeah, but how? my singing voice ain’t that amazing, I can’t play and instrument and I don’t know anyone in the business. 2021, nothing of the above excuses has changed, and still I was able to do this

and one thing is for sure, just like with walking I’m getting better everyday. Watch me ❤️💃🏽


Let go. Be in the zone. Breathe. Feel.

This can be different for every person. My kinda meditation is listening to music and even making my own music on my beautiful computer. Now this sounds a little nerdy, but you know, some people might enjoy going fishing or cooking or playing videogames, and especially right now I believe we should really go with the flow and do whatever makes us happy as long as we don’t harm any other persons. That being said I’m done swiping haha – check out my fav playlist here, and I’m meditating as always @shediditonhercomputer

I made a beat

… The beat Future & Lil Uzi Vert would be rapping on if they’d go hiking ✨

Rona world state of mind

For me dating in these times is even less fun than usual. Sometimes when I sit there and recapitulate on my life thinking random bs, like I’ll be single forever, I know that I need to take a break.

Michael Kiwanuka’s tiny desk concert helped me to forget about some of the things in my life that could do with some improvements. Check it out, maybe it does something good for you too.