Kenny Beats Beat Battle

This may seem like a sweet little goal to achieve, but yeah, ever since I started becoming more serious about my producer ambitions I wanted to be in the top ten beats. I haven’t been successful yet, but I’ll be there every Monday until I get my gift and Kenny Beats knows my name. #GoalsContinue reading “Kenny Beats Beat Battle”

What’s your favorite time?

Maybe it’s 2 a.m. too ❤️ Sometimes I can’t believe that I can actually make music that sounds good to me on my computer. The next step is that one day other people might like what I make on my computer, too ❤️ So, if you have feedback or cool ideas, feel free to letContinue reading “What’s your favorite time?”

Rest in power my friend

You’ll be missed. Until we meet again, please take good care wherever you are right now 🕊 Hope you like the lo-fi beat I made for you. It’s always sad for the ones left behind to find the right words in such a situation, so I’m pretty happy to have found an outlet for myContinue reading “Rest in power my friend”

Music is… life?!

Music is life. I have no idea who said it first, and it doesn’t really matter, because I’m pretty sure it’s the truth, but since I can’t speak for everyone, I’ll just have to leave it at that. 2020, this last year was a very challenging time for most of us. But it’s 2021 youContinue reading “Music is… life?!”