Let go. Be in the zone. Breathe. Feel.

This can be different for every person. My kinda meditation is listening to music and even making my own music on my beautiful computer. Now this sounds a little nerdy, but you know, some people might enjoy going fishing or cooking or playing videogames, and especially right now I believe we should really go with the flow and do whatever makes us happy as long as we don’t harm any other persons. That being said I’m done swiping haha – check out my fav playlist here, and I’m meditating as always @shediditonhercomputer

2percentrising beat battle bedroomproducer chillhop beat don'toverthinkshit Drake female producer femaleproducer FLStudio Future type beat Gang Starr gratitude Great song grieving Guru Hip Hop Hiphop beat inspiration kennybeats Lil Uzi Vert type beat lofi beat Logicpro loss Loveformusic Make memories 🥰 MS Music musicprodcer On Music producerlife Trap beat Typebeat unsignedartist

Published by It's Marsha

I love music, so I learned using Logic Pro and I'm happy to call myself an up and coming producer from Cologne, Germany. There aren't many women in the game yet, so I'm incredibly grateful for your support. Be sure to stick around bc good things are coming! 🦄

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