My kinda love…

Is music. 

I tried figuring stuff out job wise all my adult life. Became a techie person only because I could listen to music all the time. I even became a writer soI could listen to music while on the job. Now, as I have the luxury of being able to take a break from all of that, I learned a lot about music and music production.  I’m obsessed with YouTube tutorials on beat making, and the beat making community is really open to knowledge sharing, so  there are always producer Q& A’s in the feed too. 

Here’s Kenny Beats, and if you like hip hop music, you’ve most certainly heard his signature tag ‚Woah Kenny!‘ In a dozen songs. 

One of my favs of his is this one here:

Watch out for the incredible break in which he changes the melody and the drum pattern. The song is on my ‘Do your work grl‘ playlist, my go-to playlist whenever I need inspiration. 

Anyway, today I needed to hear what Kenny had to say. 

It’s great to hear people who made it say that having this passion can be enough to get you started. Now, I’m slowly getting better at producing, but I haven’t put any new stuff on my Soundcloud. Mainly because I’m mostly creating loops and then trying to arrange them into full songs, which is really difficult without cool vocals, so I might have to start writing lyrics again. I’ll get some inspiration first though – I mean it’s Sunday, one of the best day to listen to music, like everyday…