IG Live Got Me

I became an IG live fan in the beginning of this cv situation watching Quest Love play live gigs on there.

Every morning I’d just lay in bed and listen to the music he played and the stories he told about the artists. This guy knows music like no other. I mean this guy is a legend playing the greatest music from Prince to JDilla cutting perfectly every night, or early morning in our time zone. Luckily, getting a lot of sleep was not my main priority back in March.

One morning I discovered the DJ D-Nice. That guy had like between 7.000 and 20.000 people watching his live gig. Every night! This guy plays awe inspiring live dj sets from his LA home and everyone can watch for free! I’ve never before seen a dj that can just effortlessly mix soul classics with flower power vibes and lofi and modern hip hop. In those moments you just gotta love the internet.

In another moment you just scroll through the Lives and see two of your favorite rappers having a somewhat philosophical conversation about our human goal of improvement, progress and transformation.

In moments like these I kinda realize that musicians are actually people like you and me with all the individual little problems common people have. We fans, we put the artists on a pedestal because we tend to think that we know them only because we’re able to sing or rap every song from their repertoire. We know the songs with their respective numbers from the album, can even imitate the voices in the skits and we buy clothes to dress just like they do. But apart from being able to individually feel the song we have no idea how much effort, struggle, tears and most of all love goes with creating those pieces of art. I’ve only recently understood how much it takes to create music so that my respect for everyone I’ve ever listened to grew just immeasurably.

I mean Royce dropped one of the dopest albums of 2020 in February.

Lupe has dropped some of the most legendary songs ever. Like this one with Queen Jill who Verzuz battled Queen Erykah.

I dunno if it’s just me but this day and age is kinda cool for music, for fans all around the globe. Assuming music has the power to heal then all the mentioned people and all of the other musicians worldwide should take some credit too, for helping us to cope and get out of this situation. I mean check out the fans who competed in Masego’s veg out challenge. These guys and girls made awesome contributions and Masego shared it with his 566k followers. Sometimes you just gotta love the internet, right?!