Gone with music

We are on the way to my grandma’s house and I’m sitting in my children’s car seat looking out of the window admiring the trees flying by, when her voice starts singing ‘hey hey hey’ I’m in awe of the sweet sounds my ears are picking up. My dad turns the radio up a notch, his head is bobbing up and down while his right hand snaps from time to time. She continues singing. ‘You’re the book that I have open and now I’ve got to know much more’ I don’t understand what the song is about. Is it happy, hopeful, sad? ‘hey hey hey’ Wow! I just love her voice, it fits perfectly with the melody. This must be the most beautiful sounds my ears have ever heard. I drift off, too unconcerned with meaning, metaphors or layers. All I know is that I’m really feeling this song.

I wonder if my sister is crying too, but I can’t open my eyes. On the radio the news are on next and I’m slowly realizing where I am again. I look up and see my sister staring at her Gameboy, her thumbs are busy punching the little buttons. In the front our dad is cussing, because we’re late, our mom is trying to comfort him. It feels as if I had been gone somewhere else while I listened to the song. I scratch my head. What a strange experience.