Whenever sad…

… just get yourself together and make a playlist.

It was the death day of Prince a few days ago. So I listened to Prince. And cried.

Then while still crying I listen to Bill Withers.

I’m still kinda sensitive, but at least I stop crying and make a playlist with the greatest love songs of all time. This helps only temporary, because the songs on that playlist are so beautiful that they make me cry. I stop listening to that playlist and listen to my momentary go-to-playlist called „All This“ instead. This song starts playing.

I get all emotional. I listen to the original by Fleetwood Mack. Stevie Nicks has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I cry.

Wouldn’t call my listening behavior a vicious circle, but something about it is maybe too emotional. Maybe that’s because of my life as single. Maybe not. I have no idea – All I know is that today listening to this playlist called „Damals“ makes me very happy.

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I love music and you?

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