Whenever sad…

… just get yourself together and make a playlist.

It was the death day of Prince a few days ago. So I listened to Prince. And cried.

Then while still crying I listen to Bill Withers.

I’m still kinda sensitive, but at least I stop crying and make a playlist with the greatest love songs of all time. This helps only temporary, because the songs on that playlist are so beautiful that they make me cry. I stop listening to that playlist and listen to my momentary go-to-playlist called “All This” instead. This song starts playing.

I get all emotional. I listen to the original by Fleetwood Mack. Stevie Nicks has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I cry.

Wouldn’t call my listening behavior a vicious circle, but something about it is maybe too emotional. Maybe that’s because of my life as single. Maybe not. I have no idea – All I know is that today listening to this playlist called “Damals” makes me very happy.

Published by It's Marsha

I love music, so I learned using Logic Pro and I'm happy to call myself an up and coming producer from Cologne, Germany. There aren't many women in the game yet, so I'm incredibly grateful for your support. Be sure to stick around bc good things are coming! 🦄

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